UGLE Mentoring Conference 2013

North Harrow Lodge has been invited to present one of four case studies on the success of it’s recruitment at the 5th Annual UGLE Mentoring Conference being held at Freemasons’ Hall on the 6th March 2013.
Focusing on Masonic mentoring and membership retention, the conference will be attended by delegates from Metropolitan Grand Lodge and  Provincial and District Grand Lodges throughout the world – over 70 delegates in total have been invited.

Three of the case studies will be from Lodges who have taken different approaches to recruitment and mentoring but achieved the same positive end result, whilst the fourth will be from The Connaught Club who have attracted over 200 young Freemasons as members.
I have been asked to deliver North Harrow’s presentation which will discuss over the course of the day how the Lodge has attracted and subsequently initiated 19 candidates in three years with the help of it’s Website and Social Media presence.
It is such an honour for me to be asked to present this case study on behalf of North Harrow and be able to share our knowledge and experiences that others may also benefit.
Acknowledgement is given to The Connaught Club for some of the above content.  They are always looking for young masonic members !!

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