Head and Shoulders above the Rest

Now and again you visit a Lodge that are head and shoulders above the restimg_3281

This is not just because one of their members happen to be the ProProvGM, but the level of their ritual is superb, their commitment and friendliness is infectious and being a predominately Welsh Lodge, there are copious amounts of singing ( in Welsh of course), which is something you don’t normally get elsewhere.  Such are the joys of visiting other Lodges.

Such a great event was on Wednesday 16th November.

The Lodge in question was Middlesex St. David’s no.5460, meeting at Harrow Masonic Centre and as part of North Harrow Lodge’s workshare scheme, they had agreed to Raise one of our members, Bro. Matthew Jeffrey to the degree of a Master Mason. And being 6’2″ was also head and shoulders above the rest. The meeting was made extra special as they were  receiving an official visit from W.Bro David Wareham, APGM accompanied by a Provincial escort.

Seven North Harrow Lodge members,

including W.Bro. Shah, ( who was our 1st candidate  from the internet to be initiated in 2011) and now our newly installed Worshipful Master attended in support of Bro. Matthew who was going through his 3rd Degree. As an added reassurance to the candidate, W.Bro Nigel Harris-Cooksley had agreed to act as Senior Deacon for the ceremony, a roll that he had not performed in open Lodge for 20 years and W.Bro Terry Clayfield agreed to present the 3rd degree W/Ts. Both performances were exceptional (I would say that, wouldn’t I ).

Middlesex St. David’s is a small, friendly and predominately Welsh Lodge

who are always looking for either initiates or joining members with a Welsh connection, they do supply phonetic song sheets if you can’t speak or sing in the language, although, the translation looks the same *too may consonants*

Over all, the members of North Harrow Lodge,

along with the rest of the visitors experienced a great afternoon and evening and are hoping to be invited again on a future occasion.

However, as we continue to initiate members into North Harrow Lodge, we have been able to offer Lodges 2nd or 3rd degree ceremonies for the last 4 or so years,  I feel sure that another visit will be on the cards in the not so distant future and long may it continue.