Breathing life into Middlesex Freemasonry

I do like it when a plan comes together!!
Historically any lodge would be pleased to have one initiate a year and would only have dreamt of having three or four. We have been very fortunate ( it could be that we are also very nice guys) to have secured four times that amount and are now in a very enviable position of having enough work for a number of years to come.
However, we are not sitting on our laurels, we have “farming out” most of our second and third degrees to other lodges in the area who have no work for which we and they are most grateful, to the extent that we have almost cleared our backlog of work and go into next year with 4 more new initiates.
We are now introducing new candidates that we get through the website to other Lodges, as there is no point asking a candidate to wait another year to join us at North Harrow.
This week has been the first time we have passed prospective candidates to 2 Lodges  for them to initiate in the coming months. and we have another 2 requests from prospective guys that have come through in the last few days………Onward and upward.

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