A New Season Dawns for North Harrow

It’s almost the start of a new masonic season in Middlesex. Most Lodges don’t have any meetings from early July to early September. Likewise, our next meeting on Friday the 12th October marks the start of our year.
It is traditional for a Lodge to install a new Master once in every year. For the first time in many years the decision has been made not to have a change of Master at North Harrow, this will enable us to consolidate our membership and give our new brethren an opportunity of doing a bit of ritual if they want without pressure.
We are also following in the success of 2011 and 2012 by having a full program of ceremonies scheduled for the forthcoming year, double initiations for January, March and May.
So our new brethren are not waiting too long to progress, over the summer recess, I have arranged over 9 ceremonies for them, to be carried out by other Lodges, I hope this will breathe well needed life into those Lodges who have no work whilst helping us to bring through our candidates.
It will be the first time in recent years that we will have lay brethren occupying all the junior offices as well as 6 stewards and our memberships continues to rise.
For North Harrow Lodge the signs are good !! Social Media does work !!

By the end of the year 5 out of the 6 of  these brethren will have completed their 3rd Degree
That’s what I call Progress !!!!

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