An Early Seasonal Start

The 2013/14 masonic season had only just started after the summer break and already this was to be my second visit. The first on the 5th September was to accompany, one of our APGMs, W.Bro Thoday as part of the official escort on his first visit of the year to Greenhill Lodge 6981, who performed a double initiation in an exemplary manner followed by an entertaining and excellent Festive Board. (even though I failed again to win any raffle prizes). However, it was a pleasure seeing another vibrant Lodge moving their membership forward.

The Candidate (smiling) after
the Ceremony.

But the meeting at (TDMC) Cole Court on Friday 13th September (lucky for some) was to support one of our newest Brethren through his second degree, having only been initiated at our last meeting in May. I was accompanied on this occasion by our Worshipful Master, W.Bro Terry Clayfield and our candidate, Bro Srdjan, who had flown in the previous day from Serbia especially for the meeting.

The Candidate before

The Ceremony of Passing and an explanation of the TB was carried out in an exceptional manner by members of Wyke Green Lodge 8208, who had approached me earlier in the year and asked if I could give them some “work” for their next meeting and as Srdjan was eager to progress, I was happy to oblige. It was a pleasure to see the ritual performed in an excellent manner by the Lodge and a delight to hear our candidate faultlessly reply to his questions.(applause).

Members of Gradation Lodge 6368
and Guests after the meeting

Then on Tuesday 17th September, I attended Gradation Lodge 6368 along with four other members of North Harrow to assist in taking offices at their Installation Meeting. We have attended their meetings regularly over the last few years in order to get them through membership difficulties and now they are able to place lay brethren in every office and it was a pleasure to be present at the installation of Bro Francisco as Master. They were also honoured to have the Metropolitan Grand Master RW Bro Russell Race attend in an “unofficial” capacity to see the new Master as he was actually at his initiation some 7 years previous. A superb Festive Board was held at the Hercules Pillars with a Champagne reception and Port / Brandy digestives…Another excellent meeting.. The opportunity of Visiting is part of being a Freemason.

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