Our Retention Policy guides us forward

Speak to any Freemason and the subject will normally come round to membership numbers (or lack of them). How can they be increased and if you do, What are you doing about retention. This is something North Harrow has had to address mainly due to the exceptional increase in our numbers, namely 18 initiates over the last three years, these have been obtained firstly through our website and latterly from the referrals of those new members.

We have now acknowledged that something had to be done to make sure we manage these new masons in a way that we maintain their enthusiasm and recognise their potential.

So last January, at a G.P. Committee meeting, it was decided that we should agree to a recruitment and retention policy and put into action a strategy to enthuse and retain our existing members.
Over the previous year we had helped other Lodges by giving them almost thirty 2nd and 3rd degree Ceremonies when they had no work themselves, this had proved very successful in forging links and friendships and an opportunity to see some outstanding ritual.

A Father brings in his Son

However, it was recognised that for three years we had performed double initiations at every regular meeting and there was a chance that the existing membership could get bored with just seeing only initiation ceremonies in the Lodge.
We already had scheduled double initiations for each of our meetings in January, March and May this year and have a waiting list of 4 candidates, so with the vast majority of our new brethren having completed their 3rd degree, we were in a position to instigate a change for the forthcoming season. Following a Committee meeting in July a Recruitment and Retention Policy was actioned. To this end, the following strategy was agreed  and implemented.

  1. For the time being, any potential candidates referred from our Website or Social Media presence will be introduced to another Lodge for their consideration.
  2.  To restrict our intake to a maximum of two candidates a year to referrals by existing Lodge members only, providing that the Proposer has known the candidate for at least a year and the Seconder for six months.
  3.  Freemasons wishing to join North Harrow as joining members will be required to attend four regular meetings as guests before their registration form is read.
  4. To perform all three degrees at our own regular meetings during the year.
  5. To assign Mentors to ALL lay brethren, who will maintain regular contact with their charges, encourage their inclusion in the ceremonies by giving them the opportunity of presenting short pieces of ritual in the Lodge. To encourage their attendance at Lodge of Instruction meetings and their involvement in social activities and subsequently report their recommendations as to the progress,ability and well being of their charges to the Lodge Committee from time to time.
  6. To appoint a Social Secretary to arrange social activities and outings throughout the year to include partners/wives.
  7. To maintain / forge links with other Lodges and encourage our members to visit wherever possible.
  8. Progression in the Lodge will be by merit and ability, whilst taking into mind age, work commitments and attendance at Lodge of Instruction.
  9. No pressure will be exerted on any member to progress before they are willing to do so.

We believe that these agreed strategies / procedures that are now in place will endeavor to enthuse the new and existing members and keep them involved in the Lodge workings and most importantly, feel a part of the North Harrow Lodge ‘family

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