Macbeth at Hatfield House

If you’re into Shakespeare, or you just like to see a bit of drama, then you may like to join members of North Harrow Lodge and their partners for a lively afternoon in the sunshine (one can hope !!) with a glass of wine for a performance of Macbeth at Hatfield House on Sunday 12th August.

This riveting play was written in the early 1600s, and has been performed thousands of times since. There have also been several films released based on Macbeth.
This play is about a man, Macbeth, who meets three witches who tell him that he shall become King of Scotland, and centres around him and his wife, Lady Macbeth’s mad plot to ensure this prophecy come true. Macbeth’s power hungry tale turns gruesome, and will be excellently portrayed by Lord Chamberlain’s Men, who are Britain’s most popular and talented open-air theatre group..

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