Our Initiate’s Wedding

Its not that often that a Lodge gets a new Initiate and have the pleasure of being invited to his wedding a few months later. This was the case for our Bro.Feliciano Romero’s son, Mark who was initiated into North Harrow in January this year and then followed by his brother, John, initiated in March, who was best man on the day.
A proud father, Son and

The wedding was held at Southend Register Office on Saturday the 18th May at 10am, and afterwards at the Kursaal Function Rooms where over 120 family and friends assembled to congratulate the happy couple and enjoy a fantastic typically Filipino meal in “art deco” surroundings. The array of food was fantastic.
There was a multitude of speeches, the best of which was the best man, Bro. John, who had spent all night writing his speech, putting it on his iPhone and after the first couple of paragraphs was going so well ,however, whilst scrolling down the text, inadvertently pressed the delete button. Ooopps !! no plan “B”.

The Roast Pig (before)

A great day was had by all and the sincere congratulations of North Harrow Lodge go to Bro. Mark and Mrs Marrie Romero on taking their first regular step in married life together.

The Roast Pig (after)

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