Off we go to Provincial Grand Lodge

New Active Rank Jewel

I met up with our WM on the rattler (oops ! Sorry TFL,forgot about the new Met line livery, very posh) into London at about 1.30pm . A  50 minute ride was all that was needed as we intending to meet a couple of others in the Hercules Pillars in Great Queen Street. However, we weren’t expecting the mass of Middlesex Masons to be filling the pub, and overflowing onto the pavement . ..So we thought it prudent to register our presence across the road first, in order for me to pick up and sign for my new acting collar jewel before returning later for a swift pint and to meet up with Bro.Feliciano, who is one of our newest MMs and had never been in the Grand Temple, never mind Provincial Grand Lodge
We left after having restricted one’s self to just the one pint of britain’s bes,t as it is not the best course of action to ask the ProPGM to be excused in order to have a pee halfway through the meeting.

Front Row
Bro Feliciano

After donning our regalia we proceeded into Grand Temple in order to place Bro.Feliciano in a convenient seat where he would have a good view of the proceedings and then ventured to our allocated seats. I was on the front row, Seat 2 which possibly meant I was almost first to the slaughter and Terry, a couple of rows behind.
Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in due form and we were honoured by the presence of not only our Pro Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Roger Croome, but also the Assistant Grand Master, R.W.Bro.David Williamson (formerly a Middlesex Mason) and many representatives from neighbouring Counties.Both the AGM and the ProPGM addressed the brethren and welcomed all to Provincial Grand Lodge . To read a transcript of the addresses, just click on the links above.


There were over 200 Masons being either Invested or Promoted at the meeting and the precision and teamwork of the DCs, ADCs and Stewards were second to none. (they had been practicing since the early hours).and it showed.. Each recipient receiving a sedate applause and as the time went on a few cheers. It must be great to be popular.!!
Our new Master Mason was truly impressed.
Then by 6.30pm it was all over and exodus began for the assembly to make their way home or to the Connaught Rooms for Dinner. Three of us from North Harrow stayed and along with 200+ sat for meal never to be forgotten (I thought it was Christmas), Paupiette of Norfolk Turkey ( I had to Google the word to see what it was) even down to the 2 sprouts, 2 roasties, some sort of green sludge and the unforgettably poor wine, a mere snip at £37.50 (and £4.50 a pint of lager) !!(E&OE)

Assembling for Dinner
Me, W.M and Mentor
The list of Active Officers

But its not always the meal you go for, but the camaraderie and friendly chat that is more important…. The formal festivities were over by 9.30pm and Terry and Myself made our way back to Pinner with our newly received Promotions..
All in All a Great Day…. Well Done Middlesex , you really put on a good show..Thank You…

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