On your marks ! Get set………

Wow ! Where did the summer break go? . It doesn’t seem that long ago that we initiated two more members into North Harrow at our first ever Emergency meeting in June and attended another lodge who had agreed to do a 3rd Degree for us in July.

Lodge business has had to taken a back seat over the last few weeks with a trip to Bern in Switzerland, the Olympics, Paralympics  and a visit to the Tate Modern for the Damien Hirst exhibition. That was certainly different!!

However, next week marks the start of a new season for us as we will be attending 4 other Lodges to support our guys through their particular degrees.
Giving work and visiting other Lodges is one of the fine things in Freemasonry, it gives you a chance to meet old and new friends whilst boosting their numbers at the meetings and cementing, what I hope will be, a long term relationship between our Lodges.
Then it’s onward to our installation meeting on the 12th October . This will also be another first for North Harrow, as our Worshipful Master has agreed to remain in the chair for a further year, this is because two years ago our membership was suffering and the Lodge was edging on a membership of below 20, with about 13 active brethren,  this meant that there was a gap in our offices, so a decision was made to halt the natural progression that we normally had in the Lodge and to mentor our new members and see how quickly they wished to progress. This worked!!!!
Now we will be going into 2013 with an “active” vibrant membership of 30+….with all junior offices filled by lay brethren. That’s what I call progress and long may it continue for North Harrow.

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