Fete and Fortune

The “A” Team
For over 20 years, North Harrow Lodge has supported the Middlesex Provincial Family Fete. This year was no exception. The organisation by the Fete Committee this year was second to none. They had erected a large Marquee to house our BBQ. I had arrived at about 8am followed shortly by a number of our members who proceeded to fire up the BBQs and before long we were cooking . A favourite in the early morning has always been our bacon butties and not many can resist the smell of bacon sizzling on a grill.
Our ProPGM presenting a cheque
to the Virgin HEMS Air Ambulance
At work
Storm Troopers
The Provincial recruitment trailer 
Even Dark Blues
occasionally succumb
 to the Dark Side 
The Lady Freemasons Stall

The human Fruit Machine 

The weather forecast was for sun and high temperatures and we were not disappointed. Before long the car park was full to the gunnels and hundreds of people started to arrive. Many of whom wanting to sample some of the 600 the Burgers, Hot Dogs and Kebabs that we had on offer. There was also a vast array of various entertainments and events going on throughout the day, from Storm Troopers to a Classic car display and from Pirates to ferret racing. By the time the fete came to an end we had almost sold most of our stock and were pleased to able to donate the profits from our stall totalling £1,100 to the charity, which is an all time record. This would not have been possible without the help of  the 17 or so North Harrow Lodge members, prospective members and partners that turned up on the day and gave their time and energy, to them I would like to convey my grateful thanks for supporting the event.  A JOB WELL DONE !!!!!

Our BBQ stall
Welcome to the dark side

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