The Third Degree in Freemasonry

Like most Lodges, we have always regarded our meetings as being special and the culmination of hours and sometimes days of hard work put in by the members at the weekly or fortnightly L.O.I’s. But once in a while one comes along that has to be acknowledged as exceptional. Last night was one of those meetings.

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North Harrow Lodge (class of 2017)

Last night we performed a Third Degree ceremony for our youngest member, who was initiated in January and had only recently turned 22 years old. I could only imagine how nervous he must have felt not knowing what was in store for the next couple of hours. However, the ceremony was pure theatre with ten brethren seamlessly appearing and disappearing in the gloom of that glimmering ray, delivering some of the best and heartfelt ritual I have heard in many a year, remembering that most of these guys have only been in Freemasonry for a short amount of time, which showed their commitment and love of North Harrow Lodge and the craft in general.

The Festive board was also no exception, Great food, fellowship, fun and a fitting end to the last Lodge meeting of the season. we now can look forward to the activities and events that we have in store for the summer and of course a new Master taking the chair in October. Why not book your place now and come join the fun.

Onward and upward……..