Solent and Beyond

As an update… we now have both a full compliment of 9 crew and a Middlesex Provincial flag which we will proudly fly from the boat.           Video for iPhone/iPad via YouTube Sailing the Solent 2012

We have only 3 weeks to go to the North Harrow Sailing Week-End and we’re all set for a great time with a bit o’ good old masonic bonding thrown in for good measure, well on a 47′ yacht there’s not a lot of space for 8 burly ship-mates to do anything less. However, we do have one spare berth, so if anyone would like to grasp the nettle and join us for the four days, from Thursday evening 11th – Monday afternoon the 15th July, you would be more than welcome and be part of our motley crew, no previous experience need as we have an experienced skipper , who as it happens is also our Master Elect, to look after your safety and comfort and maybe bring you a cup a tea in bed. (well if you believe that you’ll believe anything) All you’ve got to do is stump up the £260 for the four days slip on a pair of shorts and slap on a bit of sun cream and you’re set …
 Just contact me on the link if you are interested….
Also, we are looking to borrow or buy a Middlesex Provincial Flag to hang from the mast.
If anyone knows where I may find one please contact me
p.s. Middlesex Provincial Office doesn’t have one.

In the absence of our own !! We will fly other Province’s Flags for a £20 donation which we will give to charity and take photographs as proof!!

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