Santa Comes Early Bearing a Gift of £300

Its not often that Santa comes early bearing gifts and bringing great joy.

However, following a request by RW Bro Alastair Mason, our ProProvGM ( of which an extract is below) and a unanimous decision taken by the North Harrow Lodge GP Committee, 

our WM and Charity Steward had great pleasure in presenting a cheque for £300 on Monday 20th November to mark the Tercentenary of United Grand Lodge to   “Kids Can Achieve” a local based Charity based in Harrow Weald this morning to enable them to have a Christmas Party for the Kids, parents and sibling at Christmas.

As the centre manager explained, They ran a Christmas party last year for the first time and was wondering if they could run one again this year with all the cutbacks.

This money will enable them to do so. Thank you so much….

Santa came early and at the right time.


“So – look – I have a plan.It’s not an order – it’s not a directive – if you don’t like it – fine – if you don’t want to do it – fine. But, it’s a plan – and I think it would be a terrific plan if you support it, and it can be done without any significant detriment to the Festival – but with terrific benefit to our local charities, and with great pride and satisfaction to our individual Lodges, Chapters, Brethren and Companions.

 I would like our Lodges and Chapters – well, those who would like to get involved – to choose their favourite local charity – preferably one where you could make a difference at Christmas (for a kids party, an OAP’s Christmas lunch – something fun – presents for under- privileged kids – that sort of thing) and give them a Tercentenary gift of £300 to make their Christmas a little bit special.

 Tell them it’s to celebrate our 300 years of trying to make others happier. I’d like you to get in touch and go along and give them the money personally – tell them you just want them to use it for some Christmas fun – and have a terrific time.

 Then – having done that – for the next 12 months – until the end of 2018 – I’d like you to print on the front of your Lodge or Chapter Summons – Tercentenary Supporter of the XYZ Charity (where you currently print your various patronages).”

As always, this is what Freemasonry does best and this time at the right time.