North Harrow Performs Another Double Initiation

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I can’t believe it

Has been almost a year since my last post and can remember my daughter, who is a professional ‘blogger’ and SEO, saying that most blogs fail within 3 month as the initial novelty wears off.
Well this has not been the case as far as I am concerned as I started this blog over 8 years ago and had posted every month since and only due to other things going on in my life and time restraints that have made me a little remiss in posting any updates. But that’s enough of my feeble excuses.

So, here we go!

A lot has happened since my last post way back in the summer of last year. We have had the installation of a new Worshipful Master at our October meeting, where we had almost 40 attending, witnessing W.Bro Simon Thomas installed as Master. Followed by a Second Degree ceremony in January where we passed Bro George and on Friday the 8th March we had another great turnout with over 16 guests including the PProvGM of the Canary Islands in attendance and the pleasure of welcoming W.Bro Norman our Joining Member and initiating 2 great young guys into Freemasonry and North Harrow Lodge.

However, the best laid plans

Bro Matthew & W.Bro David

At most meetings, don’t always go without a hitch. W.Bro David Olive, who had proposed Matthew, the first of our initiates, wished to perform the entire ceremony for him. This meant that it would be a rather long meeting as Leon, our second candidate, would be initiated afterwards by our WM. However, at the last minute our WM was unable to attend the meeting due to business commitments. So David stepped up to the plate at the eleventh hour and not only initiated both candidates consecutively but also welcomed one of our new joining members.

What a star performance

Bro Leon & Bro Secretary

Many congratulations must go to W.Bro David and it goes to show the benefits of attending Lodge of Instructions on a regular basis because his ritual for all were superb.

Looking back we have been very fortunate in North Harrow Lodge over the last 8 years to have initiated over 22 sponsored and unsponsored candidates, many of whom have come through our website and Social Media at a time when we were struggling for members. With a membership of 20 at that time to one of 43 to date, we are now reaping the benefits of that initiative with a thriving, active membership, whilst achieving a 90% retention rate through our mentoring program and long may it continue.

What have we in store

For our next meeting. We have a 3rd Degree where we are honoured by the presence of our Assist. ProvGM. The start time is 4.30pm. It will be a spectacular performance