Moving Freemasonry Forward

Members circa 2013

Our Summons is out for the 11th March and It’s going to be another busy meeting once again for North Harrow Lodge where we will be performing an initiation, a passing, welcoming a joining member, and presenting a Grand Lodge Certificate. 👏👏👏
Thereby increasing our membership to 44.

It was 10 years ago with a full and ageing membership of 18 that we embarked on our membership initiative with our Website ( ) and Social Media and Twitter( @HarrowFreemason ) presence and what a success it was and has been.

Presenting to the 2013 UGLE National Mentoring Conference was, for me, a first, and having to answer questions like “ what is your retention rate and you’re bring these unknown people off the street, how is that going to work ?”
Raising £4,500 for RMTGB by selling The Masonic Twitter Pin was another milestone

Well, with 42 initiates and joiners in that time and achieving an approx. 80% retention rate as well as passing a further 20+ candidates to other Middlesex Lodges at that time, we consider it to be a success to a move forward and enjoy our Freemasonry.

Image of the Twitter Pin
The Twitter Pin