Flushed with Candidates

A few months ago I would never have thought that the North Harrow Lodge website could have been so successful in recruiting members.
Not a month has gone by without an enquiry into how one would join.
We have initiated  8 into North Harrow Lodge this year and have a scheduled list of double initiation ceremonies well into next year.
The fact is that our membership has grown from a nucleus of 16 Members 2 years ago and has now risen to 30 to date with another 4 in waiting.
That would be good for any Lodge, but in North Harrow we have gone much further.
We have now given 9 ceremonies to other Lodges and to date placed 4 quality candidates for initiation with 4 Lodges that meet at HDMC and that’s just a start !!!
Today I have received another 4 enquiries from prospective candidates to join and as we may not be able to take them before 2014, I may offer them to other Lodges.
That’s what the power of the Internet can do !!
Take a leaf out of North Harrow’s book and reap the benefits also !!

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