D-Day at East India Club

Here we go again !! Lunch at the East India Club…. Its a hard life, but someone’s got to step up to the mark….
What a great sunny day it was, not like the same day in 1944 (so I was told) the day started by my usual trip on the Met Line from Pinner, where I sat near this Guide dog that was enjoying a day out with his master, oblivious to the sounds and people crowding the carriage who merely stepped over him.

The Menu
Gradation Lodge Members

Then after a quick change onto the jubilee line, I got off at Green Park , where it was a short walk to the club which is situated in the corner of  St. James’ Square.
 June 6th 1944 was D-Day and for many years Ted Bentley has commemorated the day by attending a Luncheon at the Club. Ted was only 21 years of age at the time and was operating one of the Landing craft that was to carry troops onto Juno beach and his memories of the day are fixed in his mind and it was fascinating to hear him recount what went on, he had also obtained a copy of the Official Orders for the attack and was able to read them out after the meal.

W.Bro Ted (right)

Ted celebrated his 90th Birthday a couple of weeks ago and was expecting 4 friends to join him again this year for the lunch. However, he didn’t expect 8  from his own Lodge and  4 members of North Harrow Lodge to be there.Thank you Ted for allowing us to be part of your special day.

The Canadian Room

Another great afternoon was had by all

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