Another Internet Mason reaches the Chair

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2012 was a special year for North Harrow Lodge

For it was in that year that we continued to initiate candidates who had mostly been referred to us through our newly constructed website. It was also a year that we had already initiated 6 candidates during the year, but most importantly, it was a year that at our October 2012 Installation Meeting we had the pleasure of initiating another candidate, that of Leonardo Monno, who was to be the seventh initiate that year AND NOW in ….

2017 and Five years to the day later

On Friday 13th October 2017 after watching him proudly progress through all the junior offices of the Lodge, we had the pleasure of installing Bro Leonardo into the chair of King Solomon as Worshipful Master of North Harrow Lodge and with almost 40 in attendance at the meeting, we were yet again blessed with a superb ceremony, including little gems like the 1st degree working tools delivered in Italian to the surprise of our newly installed Italian Master (did I detect a little tear?) The 2nd degree tools were delivered by our Serbian Junior Deacon and the 3rd degree tools delivered by our West African Senior Deacon all in an exceptional manner.

Oh ! how I do love the diversity of our Lodge

It was also special as we welcomed W.Bro Maurice into our midst as a joining member of the Lodge, squeezed in a presentation of a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro Aiedan and culminating in Bro Secretary reading yet another registration Form ‘P’ for an initiate in January, (advancing our membership to 42), and the singing of both the English and Italian National Anthems brought a fitting end to a very long but most enjoyable meeting, giving everyone  just enough time to dash to the bar to quench the dry throats.

The Festive Board

Was a delight, in the newly refurbished Harrow dining room at the Harrow Masonic Centre and amidst the usual hubbub of chatter, laughter, copious amounts of great food, wine and a rendition of the Masters’ Song delivered superbly by one of our resident guests W.Bro Phil Scully. An end to another great meeting of fun fellowship and ritual to die for.


Roll on to our next meeting on January 19th 2018  as we all set for an initiation. Our March meeting, a Second Degree and another initiation (TBC) and finally May, a Third Degree,