A Secretary’s Lot is a Happy One

When I took over as Secretary of  6557 a year ago, I  acknowledged from my predecessor of 18 years that it was not going to be easy. That was an understatement. No one tells you about the copious amounts paperwork and form filling involved sometimes on a day to day basis.
However, it is a job that gives satisfaction, especially when best laid plans come together as it has done in North Harrow Lodge over the last year !!

I have had amazing support from the Lodge members, from giving apologies when not being able to attend meeting ( as booking correct numbers at FBs are so important ), attending numerous meetings to interview the many prospective candidates, joining me in visits to other Lodges who had agreed to perform ceremonies on our behalf, to a fantastic turnout from our members at the Middlesex Provincial Family Fete where we donated £1000 being the proceeds of our BBQ stall and enabled the total raised on the event to exceed a staggering £21,500 this year.
Our Newest Initiate
and his good Lady

Another event high in the Middlesex Province’s calendar is the Service of Thanksgiving, which was at Guildford Cathedral. This event is one of the only times that the public are able to see Freemasons paraded in their full dress regalia. This year 6 of us including our partners and our Newest Initiate and his good lady had the pleasure of attending the event, where hundreds of Masons packed the Cathedral to the gunnels.
More Photos are available at the Province’s Website
The next venture of North Harrow Lodge is at our next meeting at which we are performing ANOTHER Double initiation, presenting 3 Grand Lodge Cerificates and a Burn’s Night on the 18th January 2013. The candidates are ready,The Certificates should be, The Piper is booked!! The Address to the Haggis is organised, the Drams of whiskey are ordered and most importantly the projected numbers are increasing daily and are exceeding 50 to date.
To book in contact me through the website of North Harrow Lodge

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