A Lodge Wedding

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 A Lodge wedding took place on the 29th August and was a 0003special day for one of our members , for it was the day when our IPM , W.Bro Vaughan Coleridge-Matthews decided to get married to Susan.

The ceremony was conducted at the Manor House in Sherborne where a large contingent of our Lodge members gathered to witness the wonderful occasion after travelled to the lovely town in Dorset. The bride was given away by her son, Joseph, ( 2 sheep and 4 goats were mentioned, I personally thought it wasn’t enough) whilst Vaughan’s two sons attended to the safe keeping of the rings and the photography. Susan’s sister gave one of the readings, whilst I had the pleasure of delivering the second, which I thought was appropriate (only just) 0010

A reception was held at the Grange at Oborne, a country hotel that offered great 0007accommodation, service and food and able to put on a wonderful spread with copious bottles of champagne. I can truthfully say that we didn’t go short. Many stayed for extra days to take advantage of the bank holiday weekend. Those members and their partners who did were able to have a lovely dinner with the happy couple on the following night before making their respective ways home.

We wish the couple many years of health, wealth and happiness for many years to come as long as Vaughan continues working…