Sweltering at the Middlesex Fete

In temperatures nearing 30*c , it wouldn’t be one’s choice to stand all day in front of a flaming Barbeque in a south facing and sweltering marquee0133b23de2a133bce365b912a7a803f37ca2ce7f01.

But we’re tough in NHL :)) and now somewhat slimmer !!!

However, it’s what North Harrow members do in the name of charity if needs be and this is what we did on Sunday the 20th July at the annual Middlesex Grand Family Fete, which was held at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth.

North Harrow Lodge have run the BBQ stall at the Fete for in the region of 20 years, selling burgers, bacon butties, Jumbo dogs and kebabs in their hundreds, which has culminated in us being able to donate many thousands of pounds to the various charities to which the Fete has supported over this time. This year was no exception, where our efforts enabled us to IMG_1348hand over £600. A little down on last year, possibly due to being relocated away from the beer tent, as most like a burger and a pint, but never the less a worthwhile amount.

0100e092b3a6d583301b57ff6e7e5b52b566f18624The Fete was well attended with about 40 Middlesex Lodges being represented and has this year raised in excess of £14,000 to date.

And, as an added bonus, We met up with a few of the Twitterati and managed to add another £25  to our total collected for The RMTGB through donations for Twitter Pins.

Roll on next year………