Our New Initiative

Because of the success of our website in recruiting and introducing new members to Freemasonry, we Alpine have decided wholesale MLB jerseys to share our work around other Lodges in Middlesex area.
Over the last few Family weeks I have been able to allocate ceremonies to Hang 5 Lodges, who have no work, for their meetings before Christmas and would hope wholesale jerseys to continue this well into the New Year.
We have also started an initiative to introduce any new candidate obtained through wholesale NFL jerseys the website  to another Lodge in Middlesex who is not doing as well cheap jerseys as us.
This is because the earliest we could take another initiate into North Harrow is 2014 and it would not be reasonable to ask a candidate to wait 18 a months to join.
As the first Lodge point of contact for SensMark any prospective candidate, we have decided that we will support and mentor him through his progress wholesale MLB jerseys in Freemasonry from the introduction to another Lodge to being present at his ceremonies.
This initiative will not only give a welcome boost to membership in Middlesex, but will swell the guest numbers at the meetings of the Lodges concerned.
For further details visit our Website  http://www.NorthHarrowLodge.org

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